Bag Review: Dophany Women’s Crossbody Top-Handle Shoulder Fashion Barrel Handbag

For a moderately priced fashion barrel handbag, I am really happy with it. It came with a dust cover bag that to store it in when not in use which was a really great bonus for a bag at such an affordable price. The PU faux leather is very good quality. This bag doesn’t look shabby or cheap at all. The stitching on the bag is superb & the handles look perfect. This is a very well made, quality bag. I also love that the accents are a gold tone. Very often, handbag accents are silver, so the gold tone gives me a nice option to switch things up with my accessories.

The shoulder strap is easily adjustable & removable so you can change up the look in a flash.

The inside of the Dophany fashion barrel handbag is very roomy, which is exactly why I love this bag. It reminds me of an old school doctor’s bag. The inside has a zipper pocket where I keep a few smaller cosmetic items so they won’t end up all over the place, and 2 slot pockets for my other items like my change purse, ID cards, kitchen sink, etc. With the roomy interior, I can fit everything that I need in it and still be able to find my stuff without dumping everything out.

Overall, it’s a really great handbag at a very affordable price. It’s made well, and I expect that it will take a beating before needing replacement. I’ve gotten several compliments on it already from others who thought it was a much more expensive bag. I would definitely recommend picking one up while they’re available. If you’re looking for a stylish fashion barrel handbag with lots of room, this is an excellent choice.

~ Kristen W. ( Staff)


Dophany Crossbody Fashion Barrel HandbagDophany Crossbody Fashion Barrel Handbag